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ALOA: Membership Registration

  • Email the ALOA Secretary to registration form.

  • Fill out form and send it to the Secretary via email or address provided.

  • Pay your $50 dues via Snail Mail or Venmo. (Application for your phone)

Venmo Instructions: Once you have downloaded the App link bank account and then send to

            Please Contact Brent deGreef if you need help using the App

US Lacrosse: Membership Registration

  • You must register as an official with US Lacrosse to receive the insurance benefits.

  • You can obtain the US Lacrosse membership by using the link below. 

  • US Lacrosse Website Membership 

  • Visit the Membership Information section and choose "Apple or Renew Online."

  • Be sure to select Boy's Lacrosse Official as well as any of the additional types if they are applicable to what you will be working.

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