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Training Requirements
Classroom and On the Field training is MANDATORY FOR ALL OFFICIALS WHO WISH TO OFFICIATE IN ARIZONA. YOU WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED ANY GAMES UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED, PAID, AND ATTENDED THE MANDATORY TRAINING SESSIONS.  US Lacrosse requires the following training requirements in order to be eligible to officiate lacrosse games at ANY level: 

Level 1 – Baseline Training Checklist

  1. US Lacrosse Membership

    • Includes complimentary enrollment into the US Lacrosse Level 1 Officials Certification Program

  2. US Lacrosse Online Course

  3. In-person local class

  4. Annual Online Test

    • US Lacrosse NFHS Rules Test

  5. Level 1 On-field Evaluation

    • Conducted by your Local Officials Association

Level 1 – Annual Recertification Requirements

  1. US Lacrosse Membership

  2. Current Level 1 Men's Officals Certification

  3. Continuing Education Classroom Time

    • Contact your Local Officials Association for information on classes in your area

  4. Annual Online Test

    • US Lacrosse NFHS Rules Test

ALOA members are trained using the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Boys Lacrosse Rules.  NFHS Rule Books are NOT available online.  A rule book will be mailed to you after you have registered with US Lacrosse as a Youth Official.  NFHS Rule Books can also be purchased online from the NFHS or US Lacrosse Store.

US Lacrosse provided power point slides of 2 and 3-man mechanics.

US Lacrosse provided video clips of Officials Signals.

You Make the Call
US Lacrosse provided video clips of game situations.

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